Flours, grains, processing

Our history obliges us to have a lot of respect for our name and a lot of respect for the raw material.


We believe that respect for tradition does not mean that constant research is not possible. We select grains from our countryside as well as from countryside further away from us.

The company's flours

In some you can still feel the scent of the past, in others you can feel the look that stretches on the future. The company's products are always the same, yet they are always changing.

Your hands

We are proud of how you know how to use our flour. We are happy to see what they can become thanks to your abilities and your visions.

To each his own flour

There is no such thing as the best flour, there is the best flour for you.
And we're sure you'll find it among ours. All the time.

We are our flour

Or rather, we are the way we love to produce them, the way we love to innovate them, the way we love what we do

Things we like to tell

The moments when we meet the professionals, the launches of new products, the lessons and the presentations that we organize, and any other event that happens in and around Perteghella.

You can receive our news

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    It creates higher natural levels of resistance to pests and
    disease. Best Smoothies ever lovely

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