Farine Perteghella at the 2023 Italian Festival in Vila Nova de Gaia

The 2023 Italian Festival in Vila Nova de Gaia was an extraordinary event that brought Italian essence and culture to Portugal. Among the protagonists of this celebration of flavours and traditions, Farine Perteghella had the honour of being one of the main sponsors.

A significant aspect of the event was the presence in the jury of our renowned Pizza Master Dulio Girotto. His experience and expertise were invaluable in evaluating the creations of the participants of the Portuguese Pizza Championship and the Portuguese Pasta Championship, both organized by the Associazione Sapori Italiani. His presence added a touch of authenticity and quality to these competitions, ensuring that only the most extraordinary creations are recognised and rewarded. But Dulio didn’t just limit himself to the role of judge: he also shared his knowledge through a 40-hour training course. From 23 to 27 October, pizza enthusiasts and aspiring chefs gathered to learn the secrets of classic Italian pizza and Roman pizza.

The active participation of Farine Perteghella in this event underlines the company’s commitment to bringing the excellence of bakery and pizza to the world, but also the role of our flours that are increasingly becoming a reference and a symbol of Italian authenticity for many professionals in the sector.

The event left an indelible mark on the palate of all participants. What will be the next culinary and cultural adventure offered by Farine Perteghella?

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