Farine Perteghella celebrates the union between pizza and spiciness at the Fiera mondiale del peperoncino (World Chilli Exhibition)

From 30 August to 3 September 2023, Farine Perteghella took part in the 12th Edition of Fiera Mondiale Campionaria del Peperoncino in Rieti, a multisensory experience that combined flavours and entertainment with extraordinary show cooking events and performances by artists such as Albano, Anastasio and Zero Absoluto. Sponsored by MIPAAF to enhance Italian food and wine culture, national and international chefs made gourmet dishes where chilli really shone. But how can you think of the world of spicy flavours in Italy without mentioning pizza? During the 5 days of show cooking, our master pizza chef Duilio Eric Girotto showed the best of his creations using our Strapizza Bella Napoli Argento and Cerealotto Rustica flours.

We really lived  the Mostra Mondiale di Peperoncini (World Exhibition of chilli), we enjoyed the competitions of chilli eaters from all over the world and we were flattered by the participation of foreign embassies: this celebration of spiciness and culinary refinement represented for Farine Perteghella a real celebration of the union between the best chilli and the best flour.

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