Perteghella at TuttoFood 2023: the new identity of the company passion for flour.

At TUTTOFOOD Milano 2023 Perteghella underlined its passion to a fundamental raw material for the entire food culture in Italy: its beloved flour. Since Monday 8 May, there was a new visual identity that brightened the stand, but above all the passion of the professionals who tried their hand at cooking classes and masterclasses.

The participants of the event were able to spend a morning dedicated to bread and the Tre Laghi flour with Nico Carlucci and a live half a day making gnocchi with Corona Calibrata flour together with Iside De Cesare. Whole afternoons were dedicated to the new Strapizza Bella Napoli Argento with Dulio Girotto and Giorgio Nazir, runner-up at the world-class pizza championship that, together with his team, gave those present one of the most spectacular moments of the event: an exceptional acrobatic pizza performance accompanied by loud music.

Perteghella stand has never been so alive between cooking and its anti-stress gadget in the shape of our new mascot: a colourful, soft and smiling cook managing to steal everyone’s heart.

To conquer the palate of those present, instead, countless “Strapizze” prepared by professional pizza makers using Strapizza Bella Napoli Argento. On the other hand, for Perteghella, there is no more satisfactory way to prove how to use its flour than by offering tastings capable of extracting approval but above all smiles.

These will be the best memories of TUTTOFOOD 2023. And the same memories with follow the company in its next adventure.

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