Farine Perteghella opens the new Farinoteca.

October 21 was a memorable day for lovers of good food and handicraft tradition: in Solarolo, at our mill, the first Farinoteca  opened, signed Farine Perteghella. The company always imagined this space as a real paradise for flour enthusiasts, a place where experience and knowledge merge in an unprecedented experience of which flour is the protagonist.

The Farinoteca  is much more than just a conference room: it is a place for research, training and demos, designed to bring flour to life with authenticity and passion. Farine Perthegella’s flours are more than just ingredients, they are an integral part of our daily lives, so it was decided create a space where to give everyone the opportunity to explore the vast and fascinating world of flours, to constantly feed people’s curiosity and to invite to explore the infinite flavours.

Being an experienced chef or a novice enthusiast, the Farinoteca is a welcoming and stimulating environment, ready to satisfy any thirst for culinary knowledge and, sometimes, also hunger for excellent pizzas, breads, focaccia or desserts.

Keep following us to discover all the courses and experiences that the Farinoteca  will have to offer, let be inspired and discover the true meaning of “Farine che vivono con noi“.

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