Farine Perteghella brings the Italian excellence of Strapizza to Albania.

On May 26, 2023 in Albania, in Tirana, Perteghella proved that the excellence of Italian food is synonymous with quality and a tourist attraction even outside Italy.

In an increasingly multi-ethnic food culture, a good pizza is always able to attract tourists. The secret: make it with methods and above all with strictly Italian ingredients.

This is where our Strapizza flour comes into play. For years, it fascinated and surprised the world of catering in countries such as Albania. That’s why we held an event at the luxurious Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Tirana, where pizza chefs, food experts, venue managers and hotels from all over Albania gathered.

In a workshop, Dulio Girotto involved the participants with his knowledge and skill, explaining the differences between numerous types of pizza, typical of the different areas of Italy. At the end of the event, the participants received a certificate and took part in a tasting of pizzas at their best. On the other hand, you know, excellence and passion always reward.

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