Press Review

22 January 2016 - Increase the volume and improve product quality: these are two aims in which Industria Molitoria Perteghella has invested to grow and double its turnover in the last 5 years. The expansion of the production site at Solarolo di Goito.
14 January 2016 - The 37th edition of the Sigep Event in Rimini, of world-wide importance in the “Pastry bakery art” (Arte Bianca) industry will be a launchpad for the new StraPizza flour, a flour par excellence to meet the needs of pizzaioli.
5 February 2016 - Huge success for the StraPizza flour presented at Sigep 2016. This range of soft wheat flour and special mix for traditional pizzas, flat pizzas, pizza slices and focaccia bread on a baking tray, attracted considerable interest.
4 February 2016 - Sigep, the meeting in Rimini for bread and pastry making industry workers, was the opportunity to present the new range of soft wheat flour and flour mixes for pizza that was a huge success.
4 February 2016 - Cerealotto, the new innovative range of flour with cleverly balanced proportions of cereals like wheat, rye, barley and oats together with sunflower, sesame, linseed and soya seeds that Industria Molitoria Perteghella is offering the bread and pastry making market, has been launched.
14 January 2016 - Industria Molitoria Perteghella will play a leading role at Sigep when presenting the new range of flour for pizza, StraPizza, specifically created with passion and professionalism to meet the needs of our clientèle in the bakery art (arte bianca) industry.
22 January 2016 - StraPizza will play a leading role in the most anticipated event of the year in Rimini in the field of bread and pastry making, Sigep, due to be held at the end of January, where the new flour mix for pizza that will meet the needs of even the most demanding clients, will be presented.
22 March 2016 - Four cereals and four seeds: Cerealotto. Here is the new mix of high nutritional value flour with wheat, rye, barley and oats, cleverly combined with sunflower, sesame, linseed and soya seeds. Created in three versions: for bakers, pizzaioli and patissiers.
16 March 2016 - Industria Molitoria Perteghella’s new formula from which Cerealotto has stemmed: an innovative range of flour with wheat, rye, barley and oats processed and measured with sunflower, sesame, linseed and soya seeds. A range that focuses on whole meal food with high nutritional value.
22 June 2016 - Industria Molitoria Perteghella has already achieved the accomplishment of 75 years in business with the fifth generation of the Perteghella family following the entrepreneurial trail. Innovation, controls at the processing stages, traceability and certified quality together with its attendance at fairs for industry workers, new brands and opening to new markets both in Europe and America are the key elements of success for an activity carried out with passion and professionalism over more than three quarters of a century.
8 July 2016 - With more than 5,000 pizzas baked and eaten in the piazza in Goito, fitted out for the event, the XXII edition of “Pizza in Piazza” ended successfully; the event was sponsored, as in previous years, by Industrie Molitorie Perteghella.
12 July 2016 - And it is thanks to the special flour from “Industrie Molitorie Perteghella” that the two evening events of “Pizza in piazza” were organised. The gourmand meeting was an opportunity to present Perteghella’s “StraPizza” flour which, with the aid of five pizzerias in Goito, was re-interpreted in various, original versions of the Vegetarian Pizza.