Industria Molitoria Perteghella: passion, tradition and innovation


First and foremost, grinding is an art. It calls for passion and commitment, a noble tradition and solid experience. This kind of craftsmanship is something that the Perteghella family has safeguarded with the utmost respect for over 75 years. It all started back in the early 1930s when Attilio and his wife Maria Ines started a new career at their mill in Sarginesco, in the Province of Mantua. They loved what they were doing so much that they started a new business in 1939 when they took over the "Molino Nuovo" in Solarolo di Goito - complete with a water mill. 


A family tradition since 1939


Business started picking up right after World War II with the help of Attilio and Maria Ines' two sons Bruno e Ezio. The mill was expanded and eletric machines were installed resulting a remarkable increase in production and the purchase of the Santa Caterina Mill in Reggio Emilia in 1948. It is here that the foundations were laid for future development promoted by Attilio ad Ines' granchildren Attilio, Romolo and Carlo.

The breakthrough finally arrived in the late 1970s: from small-scale business to the milling industry. Important innovation in the production were introduced and expansion and modernization were completed at the plant in Solarolo in 1972.

With the introduction of the founder's great-grandson Attilio to the company in the 1980s, production was strengthened once again and within a brief period of time daily production skyrocketed to 160 tons per day - becominig one of Italy's most important milling companies..

Thanks to an extended entrepereneurial path filled with opportunities to evolve technologically, today Perteghella is one of the leading companies in its sector with an annual grinding capacity of 1.300.000 quintals of grains - a market that ranges from the food industry to large-scale retail with an export quota that is registered at well over 30% of its production. The quality certificates awarded are proof of its compliance with standards of excellency recognised at international level.


A company in constant evolution


The company's remarkable ability to select prime materials and satisfy the expectations of all its customer has made it possible for Perteghella to present the market an extremely broad range of flours of the utmost quality. The recent expansion of its production plant and a new packaging department featuring its new lines guarantee a volume of production fully capable of satisfying the request of all market targets with proposals that encompass a large variety of grains: hard wheat semolina, flourseeds flaskes and an assortment of blends - including those for custom-made recipes. Quality and traceability is ensured throughout processing.


Even though almost nothing is left of the original mill, what has remained intact is the commitment, passion and dedication with which the Perteghella family, now in its fifth generation running the company, continues to dedicate itself to the art of grinding and taking care of its business. All it takes to understand this is a glimpse of their faces, to listen to them speaking and watching them at work.


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