Industria Molitoria Perteghella has been awarded prestigious system and product certification.

The Kosher certification is a product certificate issued following a control procedure carried out by a rabbinic body that supervises the production of a food to guarantee that it is “kosher”, in other words, that it conforms to the food regulations established by the Jewish religion and is, therefore “suitable” for consumption by Jewish people. A certified Kosher product is one that stands out for its careful selection of ingredients and strict control of the production process. The guarantee comes from the absence of cross-contamination risks for consumers, including those suffering from food intolerances.

The certificate issued by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification is the first “from the ground to the table” supply chain certification. It guarantees the traceability of raw materials and the end product, ensuring the products’ quality and consumer protection.

The company also applies the HACCP system (Hazard-Analysis and Critical Control Points) to prevent the risk of food contamination. With a view to ensuring the healthiness of food products, the protocol imposes a strict control of the production process at each stage and the implementation of standards to avoid any hazards that can affect food safety.

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