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Perteghella and StraPizza are ready to welcome you at the 24th edition of GulFood Dubai, the first food&beverage trade fair of the Middle East area. In addition to our StraPizza Master Duilio Eric Girotto, the Special Guest Claudio Paduano of Pizzerie Madison will introduce our BellaNapoli Special Flours, certified by the AVPN Consortium. See you in Dubai!
Since 1939, Industria Molitoria Perteghella has been a leading company in the production of soft wheat flours. It counts among its customers top-quality professionals and well-known food producers in Italy and abroad.Under its StraPizza brand, it produces special pizza blends (with cereals, soy, spelt, black Venus rice, organic, gluten-free and reduced-glycemic load just to quote the most important ones), and VeganOK certified flours.Corona embraces professional flours for all chefs' needs and finally Chapati Flour is our ethnic food market leader, ideal for Chapati bread, kebab or pita gyros.
4.000 Exhibitors, 140.000 professional visitors from 157 Countries... The unmissable marketplace for the Iberian and Mediterranean area. Industria Molitoria Perteghella, under its StraPizza brand, will introduce its VeganOK certified flours, and special pizza blends, with cereals, soy, spelt, black Venus rice, organic, gluten-free and reduced-glycemic load just to quote the most important ones. Come and taste the StraPizza experience!  
Most people think that pizza is something that should be avoided or kept to a minimum if one wishes to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat healthily, especially if one is on a diet to lose weight. Not many know that, in reality, the pizza represents a healthy, well-balanced meal which provides a contribution of nutritional substances that the body needs. Let's find out together all the properties in one of the dishes best loved by Italians, and not just by them:
Sigep 2016: in Rimini with the excellence of milling art amidst tradition and innovation! Industria Molitoria Perteghella will be at the XXXVII edition of Sigep from 23 to 27 January 2016, at PAVILION D5, STAND 092. Sigep 2016’s programme is split, as per usual, into categories and includes the Coppa del Mondo ice cream section, while The Pastry Queen will be held for pastry making, a competition dedicated to the most talented women from the five continents. Star of Chocolate will be followed by Bread in the City which will capture the attention of artisan bread making schools. The programme will also include dozens of other events, dedicated to business development, training and creativity.
STRAPIZZA was a great success; the new range of flour for pizza presented at Sigep (International Fair, artisan Ice Cream Shop, Pastry Shop and Bread Making), the most important event in the world in the industry, held in Rimini from 23 to 27 January 2016. “The general public’s reaction at Sigep 2016 to StraPizza was a great success, even more so that our wildest expectations: an indication that we picked the right moment to launch the right product onto the market”, commented Attilio Perteghella, Managing Director of Industria Molitoria Perteghella, expressing his satisfaction for the enthusiasm shown for this product among the workers in the industry.
StraPizza stems from skilful, expert hands; a range of flour dedicated to one of the Italian traditions par excellence: the pizza.Created to meet the needs of the most creative pizzaioli, it is now available for home use in 1kg packs. StraPizza allows everyone to express their creativity in preparing pizza with any kind of topping, from classic to the most original. Which to pick?
Follow us on Facebook: you will find lots of recipes and advice for flavouring your home-made pizzas: with StraPizza flour, the dough will be perfect! Create and share your special pizza!
Interview with Attilio PerteghellaTUTTO FOOD (Milan World Food Exhibition) - We are at TuttoFood with Attilio Perteghella at the Industria Molitoria Perteghella stand and we are asking Attilio Perteghella, company owner, to explain this product which seems to be the latest addition- Yes, this is the latest addition this year, again in the pizzeria sector; Bella Napoli is a product that we have designed for the true Neapolitan pizza, the pizza with an edge, the traditional Neapolitan pizza eaten more or less all over Italy.
Here it is! The new packaging for Perteghella flour is already being produced! After carefully studying the product we opted for a perfect package both for the preservation of the product as well as for the range: clean, essential and direct...
Cerealotto has arrived! The website of Industria Molitoria Perteghella's new, innovative product is now on-line: a perfect mix of cereals and seeds for your healthy, tasty recipes.Precisely what you were looking for to combine the flavour with well-being and bring a new taste to your table.
Puff pastry is a flour, water and butter based preparation and its neutral flavour makes it perfect for preparing either savoury or sweet dishes. Especially in pastry making, it is used to create sweets and cakes with an unmistakeable, engaging taste that brings out the flavour of cream, fruit, chocolate and much more. It may appear complicated to make compared to other doughs used for desserts, but the end result undoubtedly makes the effort and time spent worthwhile. But how is puff pastry made? Which chef had the great idea of creating a pastry that was so light and fragrant, while simultaneously being so versatile?
Manitoba flour, also known as American flour, is obtained from grinding soft wheat cultivated in the fields between northern America and southern Canada. The flour gets its name from Manitoba, the south-western province of Canada where the production of this particular kind of wheat, highly resistant to the cold, traditionally came from. Currently, this term is used to refer to any flour that, irrespective of the variety of wheat used or production area, has resistant features similar to those of American flour. With an index of bread making capacity (W) greater than 350, the Manitoba flour is classified as a special flour.
Here we are! We are here, we are all here, ready to face a new season.
Have you ever heard of chia seeds? Over the last few years, certain ancient cultivations have been re-examined from a nutritional point of view: chia seeds are one of these. But what are their nutritional qualities?
Goito 4/5 July 2016 The 22nd edition of Pizza in Piazza, held in Goito, along the town centre's streets, has just finished. This vast party was an opportunity for Industria Molitoria Perteghella, main sponsor of the event, to promote a completely new product: the Vegetarian Pizza with Cereals and Seeds prepared using StraPizza flour.
The soft wheat flour is mostly made up of starch (64-74%) and protein (9-15%). In contact with water and by mechanical action the two main proteins, glutentin and gliadin, react to form a proteinic compound known as gluten. At the dough stage, the gluten creates inside the mass of water and flour a kind of grid capable of detaining the starches and gases that develop at the leavening stage. The properties of the dough are determined by the relative percentage of glutentin and gliadin: the first one makes it extendible, while the second makes it firm and elastic. The strength of the flour depends on the quality of the gluten that it is capable of developing and by its subsequent ability to absorb water. The more protein there is in the grain of wheat, the more gluten will be developed…
In the grinding room, the wheat is transformed into flour via a series of processing stages. The operation to break the grain is followed by the sifting of the ground product. Sifting is the gradual sieving process of the ground wheat to obtain flour of varying refinements. It refers to the separation procedure of the most prestigious part of the wheat from the bran by sieving through different meshes. The rate of sifting or grinding yield is the amount of flour obtained from grinding one hundred grams of wheat. In other words, it represents the percentage of grain used for a specific flour.
Six top quality flours in a highly attractive packaging! This is the CORONA BOX, a gift that Industria Molitoria Perteghella has set aside for a select number of restaurant owners. The range of CORONA professional flour was created with a view to satisfying and surprising every cook, even the most demanding. No dish is ever the same as the next. Each preparation in the kitchen requires specific attention and quality ingredients. Even the flour needs to be carefully selected. Good restaurant owners know this well and Industria Molitoria Perteghella works for them, and with the CORONA box has once again decided to put its own flour to the test.