Production site and R&D

From 1939, when it was founded, to the current day, the Industria Molitoria Perteghella has always managed its work with a focus on continuous improvement. With a view to acquiring an increasingly more competitive position on the market and supplying its clients with a better service, the company has constantly been committed to making its production system more efficient.

The production site at Solarolo di Goito, in the province of Mantua, has never changed, though huge investments have been made over time to renew the plants. The work was carried out not only to increase the production capacity of the plant but also to improve the quality of the processed products.

Of particular significance was the renewal of the grinding plant that the company has backed over the last few years.

One important figure relates to production numbers. Nowadays, the plant has an extraordinary daily grinding capacity capable of rapidly meeting with market requirements: 270/300 tons of soft wheat is ground each day; 80/100 of corn.

2009, 2010 and 2012 were important years:

  • 2009 saw the inauguration of the new grinding plant for soft wheat, which is currently one of the most modern in Italy. The plant was designed and created in collaboration with Buhler, a leading company in the industry of state-of-the-art technology for firms working in the food industry;
  • in 2010 the corn grinding plant was renewed and thanks to which it is now possible to achieve wheat with a low standard of fats and can be preserved for longer;
  • in 2012, as well as another grain elevator for the soft wheat, the production plant underwent further renovation work to guarantee maximum healthiness and quality of the processed material and achieve excellency in the field of food safety.

Over the years, the Perteghella Milling Industry has been awarded important company system quality certification and today they are in the process of applying for the European BRC-IFS certification that confirms the application of rigorous hygiene-quality standards in the processing methods.

With the same philosophy as always, the company has decided to face the challenges of the future.

New investments have already been made and others are at the preparation stage. Yet further expansion of the production site is imminent to cope with the ever increasing market demands in terms of both quantity and certified quality of the products sold.

A building destined to be used for packaging the flour and a plant reserved exclusively for processing the corn will be built in that order. 

The latter investment will be supported by a research project carried out by the company in collaboration with the University of Milan: making the most of the best technology currently available on the market, the corn cleaning systems will be improved and the toxin removal procedures optimised.

The aim: ensure the clients receive increasingly better quality products.


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