Focus on the client

Client satisfaction is the Industria Molitoria Perteghella's key aim. Each client has his own requirements and the company works on a daily basis to ensure top quality products and suitable services.

The relationship the company establishes with its clients does not end with a sale but continues into the next stage. . Indeed, the company is committed to handling the problems encountered when using its products and it is busy guaranteeing its clients the best consultancy service possible.

The support plans in place at the after-sales stage can be either within or out-with the company and are split into three levels:

  • the internal quality office is always ready to listen to clients and discuss the most important issues that have arisen. With a view to continually improving, experimenting innovative solutions both at product level as well as the productive process level, is ongoing continuously and the quality office is always at work identifying the product best suited to the needs of each individual client;
  • if there is no need for strictly technical consultancy, the company sends its sales reps to the client, and with their specific knowledge of Perteghella products, provide them with measured, targeted support which allows them to get the most out of their product;
  • if the client requires a more specific consultancy that involves how to run their business, the company immediately puts them in contact with prominent professionals in the industry. Bread making and pizzeria specialists, capable of organising specific training courses on the use of raw materials as well as being experts on how to start up and run new businesses.
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